Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Call the CDC, or go to confession?

Yeah, I've been trying to catch up on my movie watching lately. The sad part is that I still have like 75 movie to watch, just in my collection. I either need to stop adding to it, or admit I have a problem.

Infection. I knew nothing about it when I bought it. Only that it was an Asian horror movie and that was enough for me. Oddly enough, that's how I bought Spider Forest, too...

Infection takes place in a poorly funded hospital that is miraculously operating with 3 doctors and 3 nurses and a half dozen patients. IN THE ENTIRE PLACE. And then a patient dies. How, you ask? He was injected with calcium chlorate or some such thing. *gasp* Didn't the doctor ask for calcium chloride? No one knows. Time to hide the body!

Than an ambulance tries to drop off an infectious patient, but the doctor says, no, you can't leave him. Then the doctor leaves to do something else. Then a nurse sees that the ambulance driver LEFT the patient in the hallway. And I swear to you, it keeps going on like this.

I'll skip the rest of the story for you and get to what REALLY bothered me. You read that right, the story made sense until I started writing about it. It's in retrospect that it's bothering me. What I didn't get was the ending. They went for a sort of twist ending. Then they tried to do a twist on that, and then switched it up again. And WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE POINT OF THE KID?

All of this got my friend and I thinking. What if the movies being brought over here are really their crap? Kind of like if we translated and released House of the Dead in Japan. So, what if there's a bunch of people over in Japan talking about how GREAT some of these movies are and laughing as we watch them. Because, lets be honest, one of the biggest problems I've seen is that the endings in a lot of these movies don't make a much fucking sense.

The saddest part of all of this? I can sit here and bitch about it forever, but I really kind of liked Infection.

I think I have a problem.