Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh no, there goes tokyo

All my life there have been these movies that I've wanted to see. In some cases I've even managed to get these movies and proceed to NOT watch them. For example, late last year I got a copy of the 1954, original Godzilla. You know, the way it was BEFORE they added Perry Fucking Mason and fed it to America.

You know, for being 52 years old now, it's held up really well. I mean, sure, over the years movie making has changed quite a bit, and it would never look like this now, but over all, it was a really good movie that I couldn't understand WHY I'd never seen. And the tone of the film is just so different from modern Godzilla movies. If you watch Final Wars it's much more comic book-y, where the original had such a serious feeling to it.

But it HAD to be serious. Less than a decade prior, Japan had 2 nuclear weapons detonated on them. Everything from the monster to the oxygen destroyer was ultimatly a critique of nuclear weapons.

I can't imagine what it would have been like though to see this in 54. though, if I ever get a time machine, I'd like to find out.