Thursday, February 02, 2006

You know, Mirormask comes out on Tuesday...

Neil Gaiman mentioned some of the current happenings with a movie version of his book Stardust:

Stardust will start shooting in April, and they're casting it right now, and in some ways the casting process is the most fun and the most frustrating bit of any film-making process. Matthew's plan is to cast Tristran and Yvaine as relative unknowns and put his stars in smaller parts -- the witch, for example, or the captain of the flying ship.

Mathew is Mathew Vaughn, who directed Layer Cake and is the director for Stardust. That's kind of an interesting choice I think. I liked Layer Cake, but his history is more in "gangster" type movies with Guy Ritchie. And Stardust is a very different typ e of story. It's also a great story. I remember when it first came out, I stayed up until 5am reading the entire book in one night. As of right now I actually own I think 4 different versions of the book.

Gaiman also mentions in his blog a couple of other projects

I went from there to Paramount to see Stardust producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Matthew Vaughn, and I met Paramount Execs Gail Berman and Brad Weston, who are all very excited about Beowulf (Paramount) and Stardust (Paramount). I stayed up too late into the night tha night watching DVDs of Yvaine auditions, which was fascinating (partly because pretty much everyone I had on my mental list for DEATH was filmed reading scenes from STARDUST, so I got to strike a few people from the list and put a few actresses I hadn't thought of or hadn't previously heard of onto the DEATH list).

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why I know the name Gail Bearman, but it rings with me as someone who I like...

Also - I'm glad they're making this.