Sunday, February 12, 2006

He's more convincing as an American

Despite being British, I somehow do not find Gary Oldman to be very convincing when he plays an Englishman. I don't know why. On top of that, Billy Zane, trying to sound British, sounds like he listened to a few hours of Beatles interviews to learn the accent. These were a couple of the nitpicky little problems I had with the movie Dead Fish. Just little nipicky things, every movie has them. You can find flaws in any movie if you look for them.

The movie had a slightly confusing story where Abe is arguing with his girlfriend Mimi. Mimi borrows Abe's phone and bumps into Lynch. They accidently switch phones without realizing it and Lynch instantly is smitten with Mimi. Well, Lynch is a hitman and Abe accidently takes one of his jobs. This leads to a series of confrontations between Abe and Lynch as well as loan shark Danny Devine (played amazingly well by Robert Carlyle).

In the end, the movie does a good job of answering all the questions you might have and wrapping up all of the little subplots. So, on a scale of Revolver to Snatch I rate it about Layer Cake.

Maybe I should come up with some sort of real scale...