Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Now THAT'S funny.

This Indian director T Rajeevnath is making a movie about Mother Theresa (the nun. You remember her, right? Of course. Nice lady from what I hear).

Let's be honest here. Normally I wouldn't give a shit about something like this. Big deal, right? Well, guess who he wants to play Mother Theresa.

Give up? I'll give you a clue...her picture is to the left. Yeah. Paris Hilton (you know, the slut who's sex video you downloaded a couple years ago. Don't deny it. It's ok. I downloaded it too.).

He says his representatives have contacted Ms. Hilton, though he makes no mention of whether or not he's seen House of Wax.

Apparently, he was impressed when she turned down Playboy. Frankly, I lost some respect for her over that. After the video, it's nothing the world hasn't seen, so it's basically free money. And, besides that, Playboy would probably be the classiest thing she's ever done.

I hope she gets the part. I think it would be the best casting decision since someone let Keanu do Shakespeare. Yeah, I watched it. I've seen Shakespeare plays too. What? I got class, shut up.