Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back to my core business

Last July, those crazy Brits released a movie called The Descent. Honestly, it wasn't bad. A group of female adventure seekers go spelunking. Yes? The premise is that this group does this sort of thing semi-annually. Cave diving, white water rafting. So, the mostly British cast travels to America to go explore a cave.

Sounds like a great plan until they go into a different cave than they had intended. An unmapped cave. And no one outside the cave knew where they were!

Things go downhill from there. They get injured. Someone dies. Someone gets attacked by a prehistoric blind monster man. All of a sudden it's every woman for herself!

Really though, it was pretty good. Slightly unbelievable (I mean 6 or 7 girls, spending a night in a cabin, no pillow fight? When has that EVER happened in reality?).

And now, well, eventually, it's coming to America. The Descent is currently slated for an August release. August. Over a year after it's British premiere.

This is why I'm in favor of importing movies.