Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just what we need

There are times when I hear about an upcoming movie and think to myself "What? Why? Who the hell wants to see that?"

Sometimes I'm proven wrong. Sometimes I change my mind (House of the Dead's gonna suck, but I want to see it.)

More often than not though, I continue to scratch my head every time I hear more about it.

So, I wonder today, what the hell is the point of making Rambo IV? Does anyone really care? I mean, Stalone has to be what, a million years old now. Does anyone really feel a need to see their grandfather running through the woods firing an M60? What's he gonna do, shoot two guys and pick up his oxygen mask because he's winded? Is he fighting with terrorists over a coupon for the early bird dinner special? Or perhaps it will be a fight on the behalf of mall walkers everywhere. Has he looked into getting it sponsored by the AARP?

The last Rambo movie came out in 1988. That was 18 years ago. There's no point now in making another one. I feel the same way about the new Rocky movie that he's working on. I just don't get it. Is Hollywood so lacking of ideas that they can only remake other movies and television shows and make sequels? Are we as an audience that unwillingly to take a chance on something different (I know the answer to that one...yes).

The sad thing is, I'll bet this does great at the box office.