Saturday, February 18, 2006

I should've been an actor

You watch a movie sometimes and it makes you feel sorry for the actors, but jealous at the same time. Ok. *I* watch movies and feel sorry for and jealous of the actors.

Chupacabra Terror is on SciFi right now...starring of all people John Rhys-Davies. You know Sallah...Gimli....dude just breathes class to me. I don't know what it is about him, but just screams classiness. And I'm so sorry to see him in this awful movie. At the same time, I feel bad for Chelan Simmons, who I'd never head of prior to this. She's really kind of hot sometimes, and really kind of not at others. I dunno, she should have been a redhead.

I watch this movie though, and I wonder what would make an actor like Rhys-Davies sign on to a movie like this. It couldn't be the paycheck. I mean the's no way he could have been payed as much for this straight-to-video cheesefest as making Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings. It couldn't have been the script. It couldn't have been the chance to work with some amazing actor or director. Was it just that someone was awfuly passionate about making this movie? Someone so sure of themselves and so charming that they could have talked the pope into a cameo in The Last Temptation of Christ?

Some mysyeries may never be solved I guess.

Like how the hell do the captain, his daughter and the insurance investigator all end up on a rescue boat with no one else on it. How did it get there? How is it going to get back?


But it all makes me jealous at the same time. There's something about movies like this that just look like they'd be so much FUN to be a part of. To be the marine who's ripped in half with his guts spewed across the floor. I could be a bad actor. I've done it before. *sigh*

I could be that guy who's always in these movies who's half drunk at a party or at work who sees the monster and provokes it, accidently setting it free and being the first kill. I could SO be that guy.