Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who the hell do you think you are???

Hi, I'm dreamrot, I'm your humble narrator.

What are you doing here?
Mostly, complaining. Occasionally recommending. Or the opposite. Basically, I'm just talking about movies.

Because I like movies. A lot.

What makes you so goddamn special to recommend or complain about movies?
Well, nothing I suppose. I'm just someone who watches a lot of movies. I have over 400 DVDs. I watch movies from around the world.

What kind of movies do you like?
Good ones


That was the original introduction to this little project back at the start of 2006. I was bored and fuming over the time I'd lost watching Peter Jackson's King Kong. Back then, I had no idea where this would take me. No idea what $7 Popcorn would become. Hell, I probably wouldn't have guessed that I'd stick with it for more than a few months. Another bloated corpse of a blog floating down this river we call the interweb.

Here we are though, 7dp is still going strong. A site centered on monsters of all kinds, horror, science fiction and low budget movies (with some forays into whatever else I feel like doing). I try to keep things lite around here. This is about movies, and movies are supposed to be fun. And, if this ever stops being fun...I'll stop it. Right then and there. I'll tell you what though, after 3 years and 500 posts, I still dig what I do here.

The Ratings

In the last half of 2008, I dropped the 1-10 rating scale. As much as I enjoyed it, it'd become a bit too cliche. I switched to a much more basic scale. Movies would either be Approved or Rejected.

Any movie receiving the 7dp Seal of Approval is a movie I would recommend to someone that I don't know very well.

However, I might still like a movie and reject it anyways. A movie that gets the 7dp Seal of Rejection is a movie that I wouldn't recommend to someone either at all or without knowing a lot about what they like.

Also Worth Noting:

I have a tendency to refer to actors by their character names. And not the name of the character they play in the movie I'm talking about. For example, Katee Sackhoff is referred to as Starbuck, Andy Griffith is Matlock and Mark Hamill is Luke, etc. Always. Some actors escape this treatment. I don't refer to Harrison Ford as Han or Indy or anything like that. Some actors transcend the roles they play. Some don't.

I like sharks and I like shark movies. In fact, I do a shark week every year to coincide with the Discovery Channel's  Shark Week programming. I think it's fun. In fact, I think theme weeks like that, in general, are fun. I'm always looking for a new theme week idea.