Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Because it's something to look forward to

A week from Friday, on January 20th, Underworld: Evolution opens in theatres. Now, unlike, I'm sure, many people in this world, I really liked the first one. I know a lot of people complained that it had strayed too far from it's White Wolf origins. I, though, had no knowledge of those origins, so I never saw that as a problem. All I saw was a fun action movie that had one hell of a hot chick in leather all throuh the movie. In fact, the first Underworld movie is still one of my favorite vampire movies.

But then we come to what I don't understand. Why is it such a big problem when a movie adaptation strays too far from it's source? Or, not even and adaptation, but if it's even loosely based on something. The "fanboys" hating it, I understand. But why did it seem like America avoided the first Underworld in droves?


Anonymous said...

The thing that bothered me about Underworld was the fact that they didn't stick to some of the Vampire mythos, like... oh, Reflections in mirrors.

Other than that, I like the movie. And her outfits? Sexy.