Friday, January 20, 2006

Did you really think I wouldn't try to bring it up at some point today?

Well, Underworld: Evolution opens today. While I don't plan on seeing it until probably Monday, I figured that in the meantime, I would at least post a review from someone else. However, Sony didn't do an advance screening for it, so reviews are rather limited. But don't worry, I found you one...

This time around, without having to introduce anything new, director Len Wiseman is able to make an easier to follow story by just having the entire history of his universe plus the whole first movie, all in the first 15 minutes, via narration and showing some key shots, and so that sets us up for what's to come, which is non-stop action, gore, and almost naked Kate. The result is a better movie that expands what we knew and though it ends with everything pretty much explained and done, there is hope for this to be a trilogy and that third outing really can't get here any faster.
Sounds Good. I can't wait till Monday.

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