Thursday, January 26, 2006

I used to work with a guy named Hollywood.

South Korea is LOWERING it's quota of Korean made films that must be shown in it's theaters. This move will allow more Hollywood crap to be shown in the country.
"Under the quota, introduced in 1966, local cinemas have to screen South Korean movies for 146 days a year to protect the local film industry. As of July 1, the quota will be reduced to 73 days, the finance ministry said."
Personally, I've seen too many bad Hollywood movies and too many good Korean movies to see this as a positive. Maybe, I'm just being biased, but anything that potentially limits the number of good movies being made is a bad thing to me. And if Korea needs to show fewer Korean movies, then logically, they'll make fewer movies and potentially take fewer chances and I think you could see more American style crap. Christ, Hollywood makes movies like The Dukes of Hazaard and Starsky and Hutch and they remake movies and they do very few unique movies, and I think it's a shame for that to spread to other parts of the world.

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