Thursday, January 12, 2006

The first Chinese President actually

Wong Kar Wai, director of 2046, has been accepted the role of president of the jury for this year's Cannes Film Festival.

I want to see 2046, I've only ever read reviews saying how good it is. And from the sound of it, it just seems like it would be so good...

"He was a writer. He thought he wrote about the future but it really was the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left for 2046 every once in a while. Everyone who went there had the same recapture their lost memories. It was said that in 2046, nothing ever changed. Nobody knew for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back- except for one. He was there. He chose to leave. He wanted to change."

That's the "synopsis" from Someday, i'll get off my ass and sit my ass down to watch it.

Here's something to think about though, when Tarantino was the president of the jury, Oldboy won the big award. And now the DVD claims that Oldboy recied the Tarantino Seal of Approval. Will this years winner be advertised as having the Wong Kar Wai Seal of Approval? I doubt it.

Read the Press Release here


Anonymous said...

oh you don't know! Wong Kar-Wai is huge, just get out of the states dude.