Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Because you have to start someplace

Who the hell declared Quentin Tarantino the god of modern cinema? Seriously, what's so great about him that his name needs to be plastered on every movie coming out in the past few years regardless of his having ANYTHING to do with it. Chunking Express is the first movie I can remember this problem with. Right after Pulp Fiction, and in fact it was a trailer on the Pulp Fiction VHS, Tarantino wanted to "introduce" the world to this movie. He continued by "presenting" Hero, a movie that had been released in China a year prior to being released in the States. So, QT slapped his dumb name on it and it got released here.

Have you seen the movie Oldboy? It recieved the Tarantino Seal of Approval...even though it's NOTHING like a Tarantino movie (it's MUCH better) it's assumed that because Tarantino is an "edgy" director that fans of his work would LIKE this movie I suppose?

He's an Executive Producer on know what? That makes me want to AVOID the movie. Christ, I liked Resevoir Dogs. I liked Pulp Fiction. I mostly kind of liked Kill Bill (sorry, but the script was unnatural and the acting was stiff. it's saving grace was Go-Go Yubari played by Chiaki Kuriyama).

There's a fine line between payng tribute and ripping off. And for a guy who has thus far made only 4 fucking movies, I'm just thinking that he's maybe getting a bit too goddamn full of himself.