Saturday, January 21, 2006

I do this a lot

I picked up a copy of Moon Child about 6 months ago. I got around to watching it today. That's pretty typical for me actually.

Anyways, Moon Child is the story of a group of kids and a vampire. Kind of. Well, the kids grow up and become gangsters, the vampire goes to jail and stays a vampire. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. It pretty uch starts when a very young Sho finds Kei in an abandoned building while running from a man he and his friends had just robbed. While the kids are counting the money, the mad they robbed shows back up. Kei attacks the man and drinks his blood but Sho wasn't scared, so Sho and Kei became friends. Flash ahead a number of years and they're all still good friends while managing to become bolder thieves. They meet Son while trying to rob someone and afterwards meet up with Son's sister.

Part action movie, part vampire movie, small part goofball comedy, but in the end a very sad movie as Kei's worries about befriending Sho come true. There's a lot going on in the story, but it's never confusing or difficult to follow.

I really wish I had watched this sooner. It was really good. As I have no "scale" for rating movies, let's pretend for a moment that I do and I'll say that this gets just below the top rating.