Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wrapping up FILMuary 2007

Doh! I should have called it the FILMuary FILMtacular! That would have been so much cooler!

As a public service, I decided that perhaps I should try to organize the movies I did this past month. Especially since the archive is all but useless (that happens when you use the same title 28 times).

So, in chronological order, here you go:

1 Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
2 Thank You For Smoking
3 Raptor Island
4 Arachnid
5 The Amittyville Horror (Remake)
6 District B13
7 The Great Yokai War
8 The Hitcher
9 Time Bandits
10 Frankenfish
11 JSA
12 The Host
13 Children of Men
14 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
15 Borat
16 The Science of Sleep
17 Hollywoodland
18 Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
19 The Exorcist
20 Casino Royale
21 Open Water
22 Open Water 2: Adrift
23 Rodan
24 Attack the Gas Station
25 The Devil's Backbone
26 Imprint
27 Clerks 2
28 SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis

Now that FILMuary is over, you know what I'm going to do? Not watch a movie for a day or two! Play some Jedi Outcast, or maybe that other game I bought that I can't remember the name of but am TOTALLY looking forward to. Oh! And I want to check out the first season of Dexter.

Other than that, I have a few ideas for some similar, if shorter term, events like this. Maybe on more of a "week" scale. Keep an eye out for that. There'll be one a month. At least for March and April. And March's will be sooner than you think. Maybe. It might be EXACTLY when you think. How the fuck do I know how you think.

Aside from that, it's back to business as usual, whatever that means.