Tuesday, February 13, 2007

7 Dollar Popcorn Prestents the 7 Dollar Popcorn FILMuary Extravaganza 28 Days of Movie Mayhem Day 13 Post 200: Children of Men

It's the 200th post here at $7 Popcorn! 200! That's...wow...more than I ever really thought I'd make it to. Especially last year when I almost gave up on this whole thing, but here we are! Coming together for the 200th episode, praying the network doesn't cancel us before 300! It's been pretty fantastic so far, I'd show you some highlights or something, but I'm not sure that there are any! Oh well! Fuck it, on with the show!

Lucky number 13, right? 13 is always lucky, especially when it's 13 days into 7 Dollar Popcorn Prestents the 7 Dollar Popcorn FILMuary Extravaganza 28 Days of Movie Mayhem. Today its the movie that everyone is talking about, Children of Men.

Children of Men takes place in England, about 20 years from now. It's a violent future and a future where no one can have kids. Clive Owen is...well, some guy. But he apparenly has a prior relationship with a woman who heads up a group of...freedom fighters. Well, she dials up Clive and wants his help in getting transport papers for a girl. You see, she's not English, and foreigners are illegal. Then plan is to get her to a boat. That's the plan. The plan goes to shit when the woman gets killed (I really need to start paying attention to people's names). So, she gets killed by some other group of "freedom fighters", the more violent kind.

The wheels on the bus go round and round

They retreat to a safe house where the girl shows Clive that she is pregnant. The first one in 18 years! They also find out that the woman was killed by one of her associates! Clive grabs the pregnant girl and they run...right to Clive's parents. His dad's name is Jasper (see, I remember something), and I think Clive's name is Theo. And the pregnant girl is Key. It's all coming back to me.

So, Theo, Key and the miwife take shelter at Jasper's. Jasper figures out a way for them to get to the boat via a refugee camp. Basically, they have to get themselves arested by a guy named Sid who likes to refer to himself in the third person.

Sid gets them in, but the midwife ends up having to sacrifice herself for Key, who has gone into labor.

It's a pretty remarkable movie really. It borders on being science fiction, but it's not robots and spaceships. It paints a rather bleak future for us, but one that is remotely possible.

I dug it. I really liked it, so I give it 8 and a half military dudes stopping their battle to stare at a baby only to resume the battle without thinking twice out of ten.