Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 Dollar Popcorn Presents The 7 Dollar Popcorn FILMuary Extravaganza: 28 Days of Movie Mayhem Day 28: SARS Wars

Coming round the bend for the last time (until next time) it's 7 Dollar Popcorn Presents The 7 Dollar Popcorn FILMuary Extravaganza: 28 Days of Movie Mayhem. I have to admit to a bit of sadness and relief to finally be done with this. Watching 28 movies in 28 days wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Still, I certainly feel like I accomplished something, and that's always nice.

Alright, let's spin the old DVD roulette wheel one last time and see what comes up. I'm putting all my chips on double zero and hoping for the best...

Dammit! The ball landed on SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis. Well, I may not have won any money, but the movie does have "zombie" in the title, so I may not have lost either.

Alright, lets get down to business. It starts with an animated sequence showing a dude with a funny haircut cutting up zombies. Soon, his sidekick or possibly apprentice shows up to help.

We go then to a news conference. Thailand is the only nation in Asia where no one is sick. However, SARS type 4 (the deadliest type) is spreading through Africa. Killing people. A bug flies out of a dude's mouth and travels ACROSS THE WORLD to Thailand, where it bites a dude driving a car.

Then, a different dude, in a different car, his a dude in a bear suit. However, the dude in the bear suit is just a play to kidnap a girl. The girl's father turns to Master Thep for help. After a some tickling, Master Thep agrees to help. Thep was injured in the animated sequence at the beginning though, so he assigns his apprentice, Khun Krabii , to retrieve the man's daughter.

Meanwhile, dude from the first car get sick and pukes all over some people who kill him. But he comes back! And he eats a cat!

The kidnapped girl manages to escape and get to a phone where bshe finds half if a squirming cat and a girl being eaten by out formerly dead dude. The kidnappers also run into our zombie. They try shooting it to no avail. They do manage to shoot him out a window though.

Our kidnapped girl gets attacked by the new zombie in the bathroom, and the people who killed our first dude start to turn. We're now officially on the verge of an all out zombie attack.

Krabii shows up, and after being hit on, manages to get the girl away from the kidnapper's. And at this point, there is no way that my description is doing the movie ANY justice. It's a bit too bizarre for any of the words I know. I mean it's cgi zombie fetuses (or is it fetii?), zombie snakes, a doctor running around in bondage gear, battery operated laser swords, magic whistles, a transexual, noodle eating sex acts and I'd say etcetera, but that wouldn't even begin to describe it.

SARS Wars also contains many obvious allusions to other movies like Star Wars, Resident Evil, Alien, The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. Mostly the references are for comedic effect. Not that it needs the help.

This is one of the most bizarre movies I've seen. Period. Just weird. Never confusing though. There was never any thought of "what the fuck is going on?" It was easy to follow through the absurdity. And you know what? It was the perfect movie to close out FILMuary with. 9 dead batteries in your green freeze sword that you need to jump on to recharge because they're made in China out of 10.