Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Standing in the footprints of Hollywood

Okay, this is the last picture post about my trip to Hollywood. Next time, I'm totally going to post about something else. Today though, I want to wrap it up with some of the foot/hand prints from outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Like the Walk of Fame, there are a few goofy ones (Donald Duck? Really?). It's still really cool though to stand in the forecourt looking at all the names.

Humphrey Bogart

Abbott and Costello

Star Wars

Chuck Heston

Sean Connery

All in all, Hollywood was kind of a neat place, and I'm glad I got to go see it. A big thank you to my friend (and frequent commenter) Kate for driving me out there and loaning me her camera after mine broke.


Fletch said...

"there are a few goofy ones (Donald Duck)"

That was either a really bad joke or an innocent mistake...


Unknown said...

Honestly, I'd call it a combination of the two. I just wrote it, and after realizing how it would read, I left it in.

Unknown said...

Aw...You mentioned me in your blog! I'm your favorite, nyah nyah.