Sunday, June 15, 2008

In non-movie related news

Over this past weekend, here in Detroit, Detour put on a big 3 day 4 venue show called Rock City Fest. I spent my entire weekend there watching bands and drinking cheap beer. All and all, it was a good time.

Highlights, for me, included finally seeing Champions of Breakfast, getting a hug from Matt & Kim, all the beach balls at Child Bite, and finding out that not only did I go to high school with the drummer from Copper Thieves but also finding out that they were fucking amazing. I got to hang out with some friends that I didn't expect to see and meet a couple of cool people. Without a doubt, it was $30 well spent.

Want to see more cool pictures from Rock City Fest? Want to read more about the Detroit music scene? Check out this blog then. It's fucking sweet.


The Queen of the Blogosphere and Pizza said...

awesome! you are pretty sweet too, thanks for the shout out!