Thursday, June 26, 2008

back to normal...I guess...whatever normal is around here

For a movie with a silly plot, cheesy acting and horrible effects, Machine Girl was fucking tits, yo. That's right, I said it was tits.

The plot is a rather ridiculous revenge story with ninjas, yakuza and a spoiled rich kid. The spoiled brat throws Ami's brother, Yu, off of a building. While the police want to write it off as suicide, Ami believes that there was more to it. On her quest to find answers, she finds fights in some of the most unlikely places.

Really, the movie is cheesy as all hell. And there are a lot of times where you'll wonder about physics and then stop yourself. At least I did. It's fun as all hell though.

It's in the fighting that the movie really shines. It's all very over the top, but a lot of fun. It's kind of goofy, and very bloody. Just enough to be really entertaining.

The poor story does weigh it down a bit. And while you can tell that it's intentionally poor, it's still annoying. It really is a bit of cheesy fun to watch once or twice. I can't imagine there being too much reason to re-watch it. On top of that, there just aren't enough features on the disc to really warrant buying it. But it's definately one to grab on Netflix. Machine Girl gets 6 hugs with a drill bra out of 10.


KC said...

Lol.. Nice review ! Visit my site on movies too man.. .. Its dedicated for IMDB's top 250 flicks !! If u like , lets ex links ! Ok ? :)

elgringo said...

You had me at the mere mention of drill bra hugs.

This played in San Francisco not too long ago but I kinda dismissed it as just another Asian exploitation movie. Still sounds like it is, but now I want to see it.


Unknown said...

Ok, KC, you want it, you got it. I'll link to you.