Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ryan Reynolds is the greatest actor alive.

It's a popular question. A question tossed around during happy hours across the country. Who is America's greatest living actor? De Niro? Amateur. Pacino? Ham. Shatner? Genius, but not enough of one.

No, our greatest living actor can only be Ryan Rodney Reynolds. I hear you out there asking "How can he be America's greatest living actor if he was born in Canada?"

Shut up, no one asked you.

Reynolds, of course, came to prominence as the stand out performer of the hit ABC series Two Guys, A Girl, And a Pizza Place (later renamed to Two Guys and a Girl when it was discovered that no pizza place could contain Ryan Reynolds). TGAGAAPP also introduced the world to that Harrison Ford wannabe, Nathan Fillian, which just goes to show that with anything good, there is also some bad.

Reynolds then went on to his breakout role as Van Wilder in Van Wilder, an instant classic destined to weather the years in much the same way that Caddyshack has. Ironically, van Wilder also starred the amazingly talented, and always lady-like, Tara Reid. The chemistry between the two recalled some of the great Bogart-Bacall movies and some of the great Hope-Crosby films. Truly the two were perfect for the roles (and, really, should be considered as a pair for any movie).

If these first couple of roles left any doubt over the genius of Ryan Reynolds, his performances in Blade: Trinity and The Amityville Horror shattered them.

Truly, it is only a matter of time until the Academy recognizes Ryan Reynolds. In fact, I can already see him as Best Supporting Actor nominee in 2010 for his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And let me tell you, it will be long overdue.


Fletch said...

I'm no superfan, and I know you kid, but see The Nines or Chaos Theory (though the latter isn't a great movie, he's still good in it) - Ryan might not be as bad as you think...

Unknown said...

I don't think Ryan is bad, actually. This was more of an exaggeration than anything else. And it was spawned by the comment I made in the Remake post. And then it was this idea that inspired the Ryan Reynolds Movie Poster Monday post. I don't know why or how, but it turned into Ryan Reynolds week all of a sudden around here. It was so bizarre...

elgringo said...

I knew from the title alone that this has to be part of the Bizarro blog-a-thon. Glad to see I was right.

Should I be ashamed that I used to watch "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place?" No. Because when the pizza place left, so did I.