Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm gonna keep it short today

Prior to the Final Girl Film Club choice of The Descent, I had never heard of the movie Dog Soldiers, Neil Marhsall's first movie. Since then, however, it's come up a few times, and everyone talked about how good it was. So, having lamented the lack of good werewolf movies the other day, I decided to head out and try to find it.

I went to Best Buy last night, and they didn't have it. In fact they didn't have a good selection of DVDs at all. This, naturally, led me to wonder, where the hell do you go to look for movies besides Best Buy. It used to be Media Play, but they're gone now. So, where do you go? I decided to try Circuit City. Their selection isn't always great, and they're poorly organized, but let's give it a shot.

And what do you know, they had it.

Dog Soldiers is about a squad of 6 soldiers who have to fend off a family of werewolves. That really kind of sums it up. It was really good though. Marshall does a great job of not showing a cheesy transformation by just not showing an actual transformation. The wolf costumes don't look bad, especially for the budget of the film. And it manages to really make you sympathize with all the characters, except for Captain Ryan, who is a big old bastard.

At this point, if you told me a movie was directed by Neil Marshall, I would watch it. I've enjoyed his work enough at this point that his name as director would get me to watch it.

I'll give Dog Soldiers 8 chew toys out of 10.