Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Look! I can see!

What if you were born blind, and then, through the miricle of modern surgery, you were given new, working, eyes? What would you do? Stare at everything? Look at yourself in the mirror like the vain asshole you are? What if you found out that you were the ugliest motherfucker in a three county radius? Would you gouge your eyes out with a spoon?

None of these questions are really asked in the Pang Brothers' 2002 movie, The Eye. Instead, they focus on a woman who, after receiving an eye transplant is able to see into the spooky world of Chinese ghosts. Ghosts, it would seem, are naturally kind of hazy.

It's like every so often looking into a sort of pseudo-reality. A place where Death wears a tight black turtleneck and where's mime makeup. And of course, eventually, people start to notice that you're talking to people that aren't there.

Oh, and there's a cancer kid hanging around.

And a ghost who needs to find his report card.

There is something about a good ghost story that really gets under my skin and just creeps me out. That's why I watch them. Zombies, vampires. They don't do that to me. Ghost stories do. It's funny. I don't believe in ghosts, but they scare the hell out of me. I can't understand that.

The Eye had a lot going for it. A great look. Good cast. Good acting. Great concept. The problem is the story. Typically a movie is Character A can do this, Character B needs this, Characters A and B get together to accomplish Thing. The problem here is that the movie is nearly over by the time you realize what needs to happen. For that matter, before you realize that something has to happen.

It was good though. I really dug it. It was one of those movies I've been meaning to watch for just about ever and I'm glad now that I've finally seen it. Overall, I'll give it 7 Deaths Dressed As Steve Jobs out of 10.