Monday, January 15, 2007

Where I ramble on and on a bit.

Well, I'll be damned... sometime last week, 7 Dollar Popcorn turned a year old. And I missed it. Son of a bitch. I would have liked to send a card, or do something special. But, no, I forgot all about it.

In my defense though, 7dp never even HINTED at it. No subtle gift suggestions. No cute little reminders. Nothing. It's no excuse though. I shouldn't need those things.

It's okay though. I'll make up for it. I have something AMAZING planned for next month. Something that I'm not ready to divulge just yet. Let's just say I'm not calling it MOVIE-uary for nothing!

Ok, I'm not really going to call it that. It sounded better in my head. MOVE-uary sounds better...but it doesn't say movie, now does it? It's okay though. I still have two weeks to figure it out.

On a side note...

Have you seen any of the previews for Pan's Labyrinth?

It looks pretty sweet. I think I'm going to try to go see it this weekend. That's right, I MAY LEAVE MY APARTMENT! Amazing, I know. I'm not always the recluse I seem to be.

What about Blood and Chocolate?

When was the last time someone made a good werewolf movie? Underworld? It HAD werewolves, but I'm not sure it was a werewolf movie.