Monday, March 27, 2006

Woo! Fun!

I think some people put too much emphasis on a movie having to be serious. Sometimes a movie is just junk food for your brain. No, maybe you can't live off of goofy kinda stupid movies. But to me, Twins Effect II is sort of the equivilent of cheating on your diet. You can eat healthy constantly, but sometimes you just have to break down and have that milk shake. Fuck what the doctor says, fuck your lactose intolerance, just go for it.

Right. Twins Effect II, a sequel in name only really. Like the first movie, released stateside as Vampire Effect, it stars pop duo The Twins, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. Where the first movie was about vampires, kind of, the second does not. So, luckily you don't have to see one to understand the other (unlike The Matrix, which I still don't understand...). This time the Twins (who look nothing alike) get to travel through a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-like landscape. A world in which men are enslaved and women rule and headed by an evil queen who hates men and casts spells to give them...breasts. Like I said, it's not an Oscar contender.

The characters are on a mission to retrieve a sword called Excaliber (I think they got that from somewhere else, but I can't think of where). It's all bright colors, funny faces, cgi, wire work and weird characters with names like Blue Bird and 13th Young Master and Blockhead and Charchol Head. Yeah, this is serious cinema. This is what you discuss in your disertation on asian film and it's influence on western culture. Right.

And where, Vampire Effect had Jackie Chan, this one had doubled the Chan by including Jackie and his son Jaycee! That's right, 2 generations of Chans for the price of one! And 1 of them becomes KING.

Yes. It's a stupid movie, but it's stupid in such a fun way that I can't hold that againt it. And really, when you get down to it, isn't that WHY you watch movies? For something fun? At least once in a while? Twins Effect II is 106 min of goofy fun. Enjoy it while you can, I hear you have to watch something serious soon.