Monday, March 13, 2006

They have really small butts over there. Yeah I think I'm okay with that. No, look at their cigarettes

Last May, I guess, I saw the Russian movie Night Watch. It wasn't the greatest translation, but I was mostly able to follow what was going on I think. Not much really stands out anymore. I remember that I liked the movie, but not why.

On Saturday, I watched the Russian movie Day Watch. The sequel to Night Watch. You know what? It was a lot of fun. A little long, but fun none the less. My biggest problem was with the translation. It was terrible. I don't think I can say it any other way, it was bad. The movie itself starts off with the warrior Tamarlan finding the Chalk of Destiny. Yes, the CHALK of destiny. This magic chalk allows you to go back in time and fix your mistakes, if you know how to use it. THAT is the trick...

So, Tamarlan dies (he got old), and time goes on. Anton is a light one working on the Night Watch to protect the world from the dark ones (don't worry, the day watch protects the world from the light ones). And Anton is going to be held responsible for the end of the world. If only he could use the chalk. The CHALK of DESTINY. Yeah, the magic chalk. Rewrite history, change the world, all that.

It's pretty apparent that the film makers put a few rubles into making the movie, and it looks well made. How often do you get to see a car race along the side of a building, hit the emergency brake and fall in a window then take off down the hallway. And a were-parrot, can't forget about him. Who wants to go through life called The Parrot?

The whole thing really made me want to go back and see Night Watch again. And I'm very interested in seeing what Fox has done with the subtitles.

For the most part, the only thing I didn't like was the translation. I wasn't really expecting too much though. So, over all, Day Watch gets 4 juice boxes full of blood out of 5.