Wednesday, March 15, 2006

To dream the impossible dream

Did I ever tell you about my lifelong dream? No, not the one about the indoor lake. No, not the one where I have the mutant ability to change the number of lines on loose leaf paper. The one where I wandered around in some sort of costume and acted as though it were completely natural, like a STORMTROOPER costume...yeah, that one.

But I don't have to, I can live vicariously through Danny Choo and his blog. There's something about him walking down the streets of Tokyo in full stormtrooper gear that just makes me happy. There's something random and just amazing about it, I think that's why I like the idea so much. Of course, the idea of a stormtrooper getting a haircut is hilarious and stopping to get ramen, forever answering the question of what do stormtroopers eat.