Friday, January 09, 2009

Stupid consumer electronics

I've been enjoying my new TV all week. It was a great puchase if you ask me. Watching the football game last night in HD was a lot of fun, and it made Florida's win look so much better (there's no real reason that I chose to root for Florida. I never have before, but for some reason I wanted them to win. Maybe it was because Michigan beat them a year ago). The one thing that has been a little less fun has been my DVD player. The picture was fine on my old tv, but...I know I could do better with this new one.

So, I took my old tv and some other crap that was lying around and tried selling some junk on the craigslist. And, it went pretty well. I made enough money to go to Best Buy and get the DVD player that I wanted.

I got it home and unboxed it, disappointed to discover that it only came with the good old fashioned red white and yellow cables. I unplugged the HDMI cable from the 360 and powered up the new player. I hit Open...


I pressed the open button again...


Fucking hell. Seriously? I just got it home and it doesn't work. It was 8:45 at the time, and Best Buy closes at 9. So I boxed it up and plan on taking it back tonight. I'm still annoyed by the whole thing.