Friday, January 02, 2009

Just for fun

Like I said, I travel a lot. And, I thought it would be kind of fun for you to see where I've been. This map has all the states I've been to colored in red. I've been to all but three of them for work. And, if I did one of these maps prior to 2006, there would have been almost nothing colored in. Maybe 6 states. I've been to 26 of them now. That actually impresses me just a little bit.

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Fletch said...

If I use the phrase "been to" loosely, I think I've been to a bit over 30 states. My family took a couple cross-country driving trips when I was a kid, so I got to knock out states like Arkansas and Mississippi pretty easily, though I'm sure I haven't stayed more than 2 days in either in my lifetime. Still, they count!

I like how your map almost has a pattern to it - it's weird how you've been to all these "on top" and "on the bottom," but have missed the middle. Most of my missed states are in the NE.