Saturday, January 10, 2009

A special announcement from 7dp

Thanks for joining me here on a Saturday of all days. I almost never post anything on the weekends. It's my time off. I have to make an exception today though. You see, it's January 10th, and that means that for the first time, I actually remembered it was 7dp's birthday ON TIME (instead of days or weeks later)!

Hey, thanks Al. I really appreciate it. Can you believe it's really been 3 years? 
Yeah, keeps me pretty busy sometimes. And it's hard to watch movies and write about them when I travel. You're right though, I should try harder.

That's enough guys. Thanks. Thanks for coming by and celebrating 7dp's 3rd birthday, but I think that it's time you all left. In fact, I think it's well past that time.



Really, Al? That's awfully nice of you. And incredibly unexpected.
That's great Al. Thanks. That's awesome. I really think that it's best that you leave now.
To celebrate the 3rd birthday of 7dp, let's say that that is the reason I switched to And since the new tv and dvd player will contribute to what I do here, lets say that those were gifts too. Now, if I only I made money here and could call it a business. Then instead of gifts, they'd be tax deductable business expenses.

Anyways, thanks for reading and sticking with me. And now, onto year number 4.


Fletch said...


That was pretty awesome, and I'm guessing it took a ton of work. (I used that Einstein pic generator at the LAMB once upon a time). But to do 20 or 30 or however many pictures? Impressive. Most impressive.

Happy 3rd!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I have to admit, I'm starting to feel a little old! Three years!

The Einstein one is a bitch, just getting the positioning right. It's fun though to use him, especially the way that I do. I love that he's a bitter and foul-mouthed s-o-b.

The others were a little easier because the text just goes in the same place every time.

It's fun to bring in characters that way sometimes, to use a voice beside my own.