Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why? Seriously, why! Why can't you just make a regular game.

What's long been rumored is now confirmed. Yes, Bioware is working on a new Knights of the Old Republic game and, sadly, yes it will be an MMO. Yes, that bums me out.

I loved the two KotOR games for the original XBox. I've played them both probably half a dozen times, beginning to end. Mass Effect is a great game as well, one that I've played through a couple of times now. Bioware has made some really good games. And, what got me hooked with their games was the story telling and the decision making. I liked that your actions had concequences. Sure, you could kill a guy if you wanted, but people would react to that. It would make you more evil. Saving someone's cat might make you more pure, and all of these decisions would add up and have an impact on the end of the game. It's an idea that has become pretty prominent since then, being used to great effect in games like Fable and BioShock.

Now though, I don't know. I just don't have any interest in playing an MMO. I don't really like playing games online, and I really have very little interest in playing games with, or against, people I don't know. I only tolerate Mob Wars on Facebook because I can just have anyone who bothers me killed. Hell, most days that's all I do in the game, add people to the hitlist. Sure, it kills 3 minutes, but it's not exactly fun or interesting.

So, yes, I'm saddend by their decision to make KotOR into an MMO. I'll have to wait for Mass Effect 2. In the meantime, I picked up Fable 2 last night and played it for a few hours. It's off to a pretty good start, and I'm curious to see how it all plays out. And, as always, I'm already pretty evil.


Anonymous said...

really? I have both those games too and loved playing them. Still do sometimes. But I am with you, I don't like MMO's either. Especially since more than half the people who play those are 13 year olds who can't accept a loss and unplug their machine so you don't get the hit and they don't get the die in their statistics. Thats some crap. Have you tried the Force yet? I wasn't able to get it yet due to Andy being unemployed, but that game looks like the shit