Monday, October 06, 2008

What is "Where's dreamrot?"

As some of you may know, I travel as part of my job. I've flown just under 30,000 miles so far this year, not counting a flight I took out to Vegas for a 'vacation'. I've been on 21 trips so far this year (again, not counting Vegas and a personal trip out to Georgia). So, I will have been someplace other than home about every other week by the end of the year.

This is not me complaining. Trust me. Sure, it's tiring, but I get to see the country and someone else pays for it. What more could you ask for?

A few years ago, when I traveled less frequently, I started taking pictures of my feet. Me standing in different places. Actually, lets back up a little further. My friend Paul used to take a picture of his feet whenever someone he had a camera in his hands. No more than one feet picture per roll of film though. I thought it was a great idea and ran with it. Suddenly, my family expected me to take a picture of my feet at the holidays. It got a little boring at that point. I mean, what's less exciting than doing something just because it's expected of you. I'm not calling it boring, I'm just saying it lost a little of its appeal. This is not the same as saying that I stopped doing it.

You can start to see where this is headed. As I started to travel, I started taking pictures of me standing in wherever I was. It was something fun, a little different and I got a kick out of it. I still do it almost everywhere I go...provided I remember.

Last week, as I was sitting in my hotel room, I thought it might be fun to occasionally post one here and have a contest.

Here are the rules:

1) Frequent commenter Kate is disqualified. Sorry. I explained to her why. It's just that, well, she actually KNOWS where I was. Kind of makes it less fun.

2) There will be a prize. Of my choosing. Typically a DVD. It will be a DVD that has been reviewed here and rated favorably by me. I'm not just looking to give away things I don't like.

3) The winner can decline the prize if he/she chooses. An alternate prize will not be offered.

4) This isn't about the prizes. This is just for fun. Seriously.

5) Contest will start on a Monday and the answer will be posted on Friday.

6) The first person to correctly guess where I was standing will be the winner. I will specify how specific you need to be in the post. No random drawings if two people guess correctly. The winner will just be the first person I see to have the correct answer.

7) Clues/hints will be provided. Some in posts, others on my Twitter feed. Some clues will be much more obscure than others.

8) It will never be someplace I was more than a month ago. I want to keep it current.

9) Rules can change, but will not change DURING a contest. If a Where's dreamrot pic is posted, the rules will not change until the contest ends.

10) There is no tenth rule. It just seemed like a shame to stop at nine.

The first contest will start later today.


Unknown said...

I can't tell if I'm bummed that you won't let me play or honored that you actually pointed out that I'm awesome.

Shut up, you said awesome.

Fletch said...

This is a terribly cool idea that you (and Paul) had. I love it and need to do something like this myself (outside of buying a shot glass from every destination). It reminds me both of Amelie having the flight attendant take pictures of her father's garden gnome in various spots and of Harvey Keitel (in Smoke) taking a picture every day of the same street corner. I love "projects" like this, but have never done one myself.

And I'm totally game for playing.