Saturday, July 19, 2008

I hate when the internet is right about anything.

I'm not exactly a big Joss Whedon fan. In fact, I'm not even a slight Joss Whedon fan. I didn't get into Buffy, I never watched Serenity and I've never seen an episode of Firefly. That said, his online mini series Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was absolutely hilarious. Neil Patrick Harris is the titular Dr Horrible. He desperately wants to become a member of the Evil League of Evil, yet all of his plans are foiled by his nemises Captain Hammer, played brilliantly by Nathan Fillion.

It's 3 short episodes, and it's hilarious, but it's only online until midnight Sunday night, so go check it out while you can. Or you can purchase the episodes on iTunes, which I don't really recommend, but that has more to do with my oposition to the DRM that Apple enforces and...well, my use of Linux. Them jerks.


Anonymous said...

At least watch the pilot episode of Firefly (named "Serenity") If you like that, watch the rest and Serenity. :)

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to try to get it from Netflix.

Unknown said...

yay. i'm so glad you liked it. maybe if you come back to LA, I can show you where it was filmed.