Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Sorry about the break, but, well, the holidays were a bit hectic and I just didn't get around to writing anything. I had...other things to do. Like play Dead Rising. Or Mass Effect. Or Gears of War. Or Assassin's Creed. On my new Xbox 360.

Yeah, I'm back in the realm of playing video games. And, as we've seen in the past, I'm easily distracted by them. And rightly so. I mean, they're so shiny.

And, holy shit, Assassin's Creed? Fucking hell dude. It's pretty goddamn sweet. Seriously, check this out...

Yeah. It's every bit as cool as that. There are 9 missions that you have to go on. 9 people you have to kill (and a bunch more that you can kill if you want to). You think, 9 missions? That seems kind of short. And, well, it probably could be. Except, the missions aren't all that easy. You have to gather information on your target by eavesdropping and pick pocketing. You may need to rough some people up for information. Others will trade information for Once you have all the information you need, you can go to the Assassin's Bureau to get the marker (aka permission) to complete your mission. Now you have to go find and kill your target. The whole thing can be made easier by climbing towers to reveal more of your map. When you know more about an area, your map will guide you to your targets.

It's a sweet game that I can't help but recommend to anyone willing to listen to me.

We'll get back to movies soon enough. But for now, understand that I have a mission to accomplish.