Saturday, January 05, 2008

Movies I'd Like To See

Here's the thing, I'm a man of ideas, not a man of action. I tend to have all of these great ideas, either for new movies or just how to fix the ones I see. Today, I had an idea for a movie. Most likely a SciFi Original.

The story would take place in some African country like Kenya or the Congo. A medical research facility is working on a cure for a very dangerous strain of the flu virus. Maybe we keep it somewhat relevant by calling it bird flu or something. That's still somewhat topical, right? Whatever, it doesn't matter.

Regardless, something happens at the facility. The scientists turn on each other, local militants invade the facility, something. And, in the process, the virus they've been working on is let loose and infects a rhinoceros.

Meanwhile, a group of college kids decide to spend their spring break in Africa on a safari of sorts. One of those package deals where you stay at a resort and they take you out in a jeep to see wildlife. The college kids would be a mixture of a few kind of nerdy kids who are interested in the science aspect of it all (biology/zoology students) and some rich, good looking kids who are there because 'everyone goes to _____ for spring break!" and they think that they're better than that. At least one of this group will be an attractive woman who's parents sent her thinking it would be an educational thing. Most likely, she will be the type who, while being a part of the rich/popular clique, is more interested in hanging out with the 'nerds',

The virus that the rhino contracts turns it mad, and it starts to kill lions and tigers. So, all the kids see on their trips into the widerness are dead animals. The rhino keeps getting closer and closer to the resort until it attacks. It's then up to our college kids to be eaten by the killer rhino and stop it!

Mmmm! Tasty entrails!

The movie will be called Rhino Virus.

Someone get Boaz Davidson on the phone!


Unknown said...

you're fired

Unknown said...

What? It'd be amazing and you know it!