Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crossing the Uncanny Valley River

Over the weekend I watched Beowulf. That's all.

That's just not going to cut it, is it? Hmm...damn, too bad.

Ok, let's try a different approach.

Beowulf is the kind of movie that...um...


Oh! I know!

The CGI/motion capture look of Bobby Z's Beowulf was...hmmm...no, that's no good at all.

Beowulf was an ok movie that was a little weird to watch. It was just a little too uncanny valley for me. It would have been a lot better, to me, if they'd used people on a blue screen and put them in a mostly CG world. You know, like Revenge of the Sith or those other movies where they did that sort of thing...

The story itself was kinda interesting though. And Grendel looked pretty great. Overall though, it was an 'ok' movie.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see it but i saw the ancien one with the magnificient "christopher Lambert" (french actor)...
like you said, it's a weird worlrd but i sure that the one you saw is better than the old i saw..... :)

Beowulf is the most rotten movie in my collection... (shame on me :) )


Unknown said...

you didn't even give it a rating! come on! Angelina Jolie's boobs covered in gold! The mysterious blocking of the penis!

Uh.. yeah, that's all I've got.


Imagine it on an IMAX screen in 3-D. That's how I saw it.