Monday, January 21, 2008

Monster Movie Poster Mondays

I skipped last weeks monster movie poster because of the Film Club post. Not this week though. Lets see what I have on my hard drive now...

Ah, there we go. Gigantis, The Fire Monster. Gigantis was the title of the U.S. release of Godzilla Raids Again, the second Godzilla movie. This also marked the first time that Godzilla fought against another monster AND the first appearance of the giant, spiny armadillo Anguirus. Why was the title changed? From Wikipedia:

For a long time, this change in name was thought to be because Warner did not have the rights to "Godzilla". However, Edward L. Schreibman, the producer of the American version, has said that he changed Godzilla's name to "Gigantis" to give the audience the impression that they were seeing a new monster. He has since regretted that decision.