Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy lazy lazy

I've been meaning to talk about a couple of movies lately. 2 that I've seen (one I even liked), and 1 that I'm not interested in.

Unfortunatley, I've been distracted. Distracted by...Star Wars Battlefront (and Battlefront 2). My friend and I played Battlefront 2 until 5:30 am. But we beat it!

You get to fight all the battles from the movies. Pilot an AT-AT on Hoth. Help the Wookies defend the beach on Kashyyk. Defeat the droid army on Naboo. Or better yet, rewrite history by killing Princess Leia on the Deathstar! It's so great.

Um, so I'll get back to talking about movies when I'm not so busy playing Battlefront...