Monday, April 03, 2006

Only thing missing was Alice.

After this, I'm all caught up. This feels like a rush job, doesn't it? Dammit. I'm trying to take my time. Write what I want to write. *sigh* Well, let's get on with it.

Into the Mirror. Korean movie. A lot of supernatural stuff, but not really a horror movie. It's more of a detective story. You see, there's this department store called Dreampia and a year ago, there was fire. And one of the employees died. And now, she's haunting the store. Ok. I'm in. Tell me more.

Well, the woman's body was identified by four coworkers. Her sister was in a mental hospital at the time and couldn't do it herself. Did I say sister? I meant TWIN sister. That's right. Identical twins. Same face, same dna, same blood type. You name it.

Meanwhile, head of mall security is a former cop (and excellent marksman) who one year ago, in an attempt to save his partner who was being held at gunpoing, took a chance at tried to shoot the hostage holder. Unfortunatly, he shot a mirror. His partner was killed.

A mirror! That's how the ghost is now killing the ones who "identified" her body. One by one, their reflections attack them.

The whole premise is that there are two worlds and that mirrors are the divider. Following? Good. You see, if you die on one side, you can stay alive on the other. Vampires for example, have no reflection, because they DIED on the other side of the mirror. DiVinci, according to the movie may have been the opposite, perhaps coming through from the otherside (speculation because he wrote his name backwards).

And I'll tell you this, the mirror thing is done real well. It looks good when the mirror image is not doing what the person is doing. Like, the reflection slitting it's throat with a pizza cutter and the person's neck starts to bleed. In the reflection, there's blood on the pizza cutter but on the floor, it's clean. Those sort of things are done consitently well through the movie.

Oh! I said this was a mystery, right? So, what's the mystery...well, it's who's killing these people and why. Pretty simple. But, we know who like halfway through, so it becomes a what happened kind of thing. If I say more, I risk giving things away. So, we'll stop the play by play there.

Overall, it was good. I really enjoyed it, which was a relief after being pretty disapointed with the movies I've seen lately. It was definatly a relief to see something that I not only enjoyed, but it made sense. Everything came together well. This is something that I would definatly recommend.