Friday, April 07, 2006

I liked it when stuff was blowing up

Sometimes, a movie just looks so promising, but in the end kind of leaves me Such was Alexandre Aja's remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

It started off pretty cool with the murder of some scientists and then the nuclear tests over the opening credits. Then we meet the Carter family. Going on vacation. Driving along in their automobile. Stoppin to get gas and being informed of a "shortcut" by the helpful but creepy gas station attendant. And by attendant I mean the only fucking person within like a hundred miles. So, maybe you write off the creepiness as a side effect of the isolation. I can buy that.

So, the Carters , not the Kotters...though, really wouldn't that be kind of interesting? The Hills Have Eyes vs Welcome Back Kotter? Epstein could sign the letters from his mom with her actual HAND! "Up your ass with a pickaxe"! Come on! Am I alone here? Anyone? You know, screw you guys, here I am with a good idea and you don't even care!

...Um...right...where was I?

Ok, the Carters take the shortcut. And their tires get blown out and their TRAPPED in the middle of nowhere. At this point I got bored, it had been too long since something had died. Wow, that sounded kind of mean. But then something DIED! It was a dog and then one of the family fell and hit his head. Like I said I was bored at this point and started to space out. And unfortunatly, I never recovered. Until like the last 30 minutes.

It was alright. I don't know. It wasn't terrible or anything, it was just...I'm not sure I liked the ambiguous ending either, is that saying too much about it? Sorry. Like I said, it was alright. I guess that's really all I can say about it. It was alright.