Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Think about it this way...I may stop talking about it soon.

I keep talking about Lady Vengeance, but I have, until know, only been able to talk about when it was playing near ME. Well, now, maybe, it's playing near YOU. See that, I'm not as selfish as you thought. I don't do this just for me. If I did, I wouldn't do it. What would be the point? I've seen the movies already. I know I liked it. And for a revenge movie, it was very light hearted.

I think the real question now is why exactly is Detroit so high on the list? We're ahead of LA!

New York City, NY April 28
Detroit, MI May 5
Los Angeles, CA May 12
Irvine, CA May 12
Boston, MA May 19
Washington, DC May 19
Bethesda, MD May 19
Chicago, IL May 26
Tucson, AZ June 9
Atlanta, GA June 16
Portland, OR June 23
Salt Lake City, UT June 30
Huntington, NY May 26
Nashville, TN June 30
Dallas, TX June 30
Austin, TX June 30
Houston, TX June 30
Atlanta, GA June 30
San Diego , CA July 28


Anonymous said...

You might get it first, but CA gets 3 dates.....

Anonymous said...

And you probably won't even bother to go see it. It's wasted on you! Wasted I say!