Monday, April 24, 2006

Something is missing

I'm sitting here eating some apple sauce.

That's my post.

No, I'm kidding.

So the apple sauce, it's not bad, but it's missing something. It's made with granny smith apples. It's bland. Very bland. It doesn't have the flavor I would expect from a granny smith apple. The tartness, you know?

That's how I felt leaving Silent Hill. It wasn't a bad movie. I didn't dislike it. But it felt like it was missing something. And I can't figure out what. The visuals were good. The story and acting were ok. I didn't have any complaints about it, but it felt...lacking.

The movie unfolds much like a game. A clue, a piece of a puzzle. Find a knife, use it then lose it. Like a game each objective is placed before you and you move to accomplish it. Since it's a movie based on a game, this makes sense.

I liked the way that the city of Silent Hill existed on two seperate planes, and I liked the way that that was presented.

I'm curious to check this out on DVD with a commentary and some behind the scenes kind of stuff.

I know what was missing, the dread. The tension. It felt, to me, like every time a little tension was building, that it kind of sputtered out. Build build build the tension of Rose in town, and cut to Chris someplace else.

I did like the movie though. Just, it felt lacking, kind of like my poor apple sauce. sauce. I should make it myself again.