Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This is actually, a rarity for me so far...

...something about Silent Hill. And trust me, like everyone else, I'm more excited about this movie than can possibly be healthy. Which is maybe a little odd. You see, I never played any of the games.
Maybe that's why I'm so interested in it? I have no idea what to expect out of it. The story is completely unknown to me. And, I won't be able to bitch about it straying too far from the game!

It's kind of the same way I felt about Resident Evil. Only I had played the game. I hated the RE games. I never liked the controls. Yeah, I'm one of those. The one who wouldn't play because the controls were stupid. Sorry. But I liked the movies. For the most part, I'm a fan of video game adaptations of games I didn't play religiously at some point in my life (sorry, Doom).

So, the reason I'm posting today...Ropeofsilicon.com has 6 clips from Silent Hill up. So, I went over to YouTube and of course someone had it posted there which means that I can put them here. So, Enjoy! Or don't! Whatever!

Trust me on this:

It's just the radio:

We've all lost our children:

There's no room 111:

It's happening again:

Be careful what you choose:

Now, I know some people don't want to know too much about the movie before it comes out and won't watch the clips. That's fine. To be honest, *I* may not watch the clips. I haven't decided yet. We'll see what happens later...though, more likely, I'll forget and watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel.