Sunday, March 11, 2007

dreamrot's favorite movies week

I'm going to be honest with you. I started watching movies quite some time before I started blogging. YEARS before I started blogging. Before there was an interweb. Before I could drive. Before I could write. Back before I even knew what good and bad movies were (growing up I loved Jim Belushi in K-9, what was wrong with me?).

I thought to myself a few weeks ago, in the midst of FILMuary, "Self, you know what would be fun?"

"No, me, what would be fun?"

"Watching new stuff is great and all, self..."

"It sure is!" I'm in the habit of interrupting myself.

"Like I was saying, it's great, but do you know what might be fun too?"

"Making popsicles?"

"Well, of course. But I'm thinking maybe more movie related. Self, what if we take a week and look at some of our favorite movies!"

"Oh my god, me, that's fucking amazing!"

"I know. So, we'll spend a week doing it and then, down the road, when we're bored or just lazy we can ADD TO THE LIST!"

"Can we call it 'dreamrot's favorite movies week'? Can we? Can we? PLEEEEEAAAAASE?"

"Yeah, do whatever the fuck you want."

And thus an idea was born.

Hang out with me this week and we'll check out some of my favorite movies to watch when I don't want to watch something new! You can join in too! Tell me what you think of my favorites. Do you love them too? Do you hate them? It's okay if you do. I won't hold it against you I promise.


Nik! said...

It makes me giggle when you document conversations with yourself. :)

Unknown said...

Have I mentioned how much your labels amuse me?