Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some lessons can't be taught. They must be lived to be understood.

I'm in a hotel room in Mt Pleasant, MI. It's a classy hotel, not one of those hotels with the hourly rates. You know, for the power naps. That's what they're for, right? I mean, I know in Japan they have hotels like that for the businessmen. And they're really classy joints. I figure hours are just more run down because we had the idea so long ago.

Back in the day, before I was in the hotel, I watched a movie. This movie was something of a sequel. Or a spin off. Or yet another comic book movie. That movie was Elektra.

Elektra picks up the story of Elektra, oddly enough, after her death at the hands of Bullseye in Daredevil. Elektra is alive again, but not a zombie. She was brought back by a mystic blind man played by Chancellor Velorum. She has not, however, come back as the champion of justice that her friend Matt Murdock is. No, she's an assassin. Someone who kills other people for money. Lots and lots of money. And she's good at it. Really good. Like creepy good.

But, this is more of a hooker with a heart of gold story...except Elektra isn't a hooker. She's a well trained killer. And when she's sent to kill a guy and his daughter, she heps protect them instead.

See, the kid is some sort of...I don't know. She's special. Not short bus special. Not special the way your mom lies to you and tells you you're special. No, she's special as in the child fighting prodigy kind of way. She's "the treasure." Which is nothing like "the prize." No immortals are fighting over her while decapitating each other. No, these are ninjas. And demons apparently. Demon ninjas...the worst kind.

You know, the realtor didn't say anything about red leather clad ninja when I bought the house.

Elektra has to then fight the weirdos who are trying to kill the kid. And that's the movie. I'm really kind of hoping they make a sequel to this. And a sequel to Daredevil. They could team up again...and call it Daredevil 2: Elektra Boogaloo.

Elektra, especially compared to to Daredevil, is a pretty good movie. It was much more serious than Daredevil, which worked. The story was slightly incoherent, it was in desperate need of a bit more exposition. A little more backstory. It always just felt like you should KNOW who these people are and what their purpose is.

The action was good. There was some pretty sweet fights. And Jennifer Garner certainly looked good. The bad ninja demons, again, could have been explained a bit better. I'm not saying that they all needed their own spinoffs and backstories, but maybe give them a slight origin or something, rather than just put them in and say "here they are." Maybe, too, a bit more on what "the treasure" is, and what it means to be it.

It was a good movie though. Definitely worth a watch. 7 warrior beads from Indonesia that centuries ago, you had to be the best fighter in your village to earn but YOU bought on eBay out of 10.


Nik! said...

Japanese power nap? I may always refer to such activites as that, from here forward, in all the days of my life ;)

Unknown said...

Ultimately, my hope in life is to create an impressive list of new euphemisms.