Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's kind of like a vampire, a zombie...or Jesus. It's been resurrected!

A while back, I had a blog. Actually, once upon a time, I used to have many blogs. Right now, I'm talking about a specific one though. It was called dreamrot on the go. It was just a mobile photo blog. Basically, I'd send pictures to in from my phone. That was about it. Occasionally, there might be some text to go with it, but mostly it was just pictures.

Well, I had to take it down. I guess I didn't have to, I mean, no one forced me to. The fact is though that I took it down. Truly it was a sad day.

Over time, I missed it. Quite a lot. I mean, I still travel. I still take a lot of pictures. I wanted it back.

I found it a new home (nothing against it's former host. I still use it for my main blog) and started it back up. Let's see how it works and go from there!

Mostly, I know this will be fairly low quality camera phone pictures. Though, I have to admit, the LG Voyager takes a pretty good picture. And, I'm expanding the focus just a bit. I'm not planning on sticking to pictures I take while I'm travelling. My whole life is fair game.

Check out On The Go.


Unknown said...

Your URL above is bad :-(

It is (I guess!) :

Unknown said...

Thanks. It's fixed now.