Friday, February 06, 2009

I really thought this was going to be a good 2

And then there was Pulse 3.


Let's just get this over with...

At the end of Pulse 2, Justine was on the magic bus to the refugee camp. 7 years later, we meet back up with her. She's been living at the camp the whole time learning about how computers and cell phones and wifi are the devil's tools. They're evil! So, you know, stay away from it. Well, one night, after a fight with her foster parents, Justine finds a plot device under the seat of a truck. Wait, I mean a laptop. Via the plot device, she begins talking to some guy named Adam, and he's super dreamy! Adam convinces her, via IM,  to come to the hang out, have some cookies...maybe meet Chris Hansen. Justine seems to think it's a great idea since she's 17 and her life is the most tragic EVAR.

Once there, and along the way, Justine finds out she's in over her head, because she's 17 and that's what happens when you're 17. You're dumb and you make dumb choices.

Now, regardless of age, imagine YOU were told that YOU had to make a choice. Would you prefer a shit sandwich, a steaming bowl of shit, or shit on a stick. It's all shit. That's how it was with the 3 movies in the Pulse 'franchise'. I'm in a position now where I need to tell you that one of them was better than the others. That one kind of shit is preferable to the others. Fine. Pulse 3 is the best of the 3. It's the most interesting and the most coherent. It suffers from the same green screen tradgedy that Pulse 2 toiled through. And the story is just as awkward,''s the best of the bunch. It's the shit sandwich. At least there's a little bread there to give you the hope it will mask the shit a little.

If you've wasted your time watching the first two, Pulse 3 is a nice payoff. It's almost interesting and it's almost fun. If you haven't watched the first two movies, there's no real reason to start here.