Monday, February 09, 2009

It comes out March 13th.

I've said a lot of bad things over the years about some of the Resident Evil games. I was one of the ones who found the controls unbearable. They made the games all but unplayable.

Then, I played Resident Evil 4. Suddenly I was in love.

Resident Evil 4 was everything I had wanted it's predecessors to be. Not just interesting, but playable, too. Other than having to drag that stupid brat around and keep her out of trouble at all times, there was nothing that I didn't like.

That's the back story. Lets skip ahead

Over the weekend, I downloaded the demo for Resident Evil 5. It's essentially a 2 player co-op game, that can be played in single player mode with the Sheva character controlled by the game. The demo is just gameplay, no story. There's nothing to be learned about the world here, but you do get to kill some 'zombies', and that's always fun, right?

The demo contains 2 levels to play. You're pretty much thrust into the middle of the action. As always, there are lots of things to kill, and you're low on ammo. I have to admit, I've yet to finish either level. I keep getting killed. Not be your run of the mill zombes, no. I keep getting killed by jerks like this:

That's right. Homeboy has a bag on his head and a chainsaw in his hands. I'm assuming it's not the same jerk from RE4, since, you know, he's dead. I distinctly remember killing him. There's also an equally formidable bastard with a large ax/sledgehammer thing. He reminded me a lot of Astaroth from the Soul Caliber games.

Overall, it looks to be an interesting game. I do have to admit though that the controls were a bit wonky and movement a bit plodding. I know that I can play around with the control settings a little bit, so I'll have to see how that works out. Overall, I'm geeked about the game. I'm anxious to learn more about the story (I've been avoiding as much info as I can). I'm really kind of excited about it's upcoming release.