Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good News Everyone!

If I asked, I would readily admit that Futurama is probably one of my favorite shows. Certainly my favorite animated series though. So, when they said there would be four direct-to-dvd movies, I was as happy as a decapodian at a free buffet.

It started with Bender's Big Score, then came The Beast With a Billion Backs, next was Bender's Game. All three had some weaknesses but those weaknesses were easy to overlook by the awesomeness that permeated them. The fourth, and final, Futurama movie, Into The Wild Green Yonder is no different.

That is to say, it's more of the same. The delicious, delicious same. This time there are no naked scamming aliens, no tentacle monsters and no D&D. This time it's environmentalism, mini golf, tin foil hats and, once again, Fry is the only one who can save the universe. He emits no delta brainwave. His doing of the nasty in the pasty has set him up to be the savior of the galaxy many a time. Futurama actually managed to create their own cliche.

This is the final DVD. The last installment for the series. There aren't any plans right now to do any more movies, episodes...anything. And, if this is it, I'm happy with this as the ending. While the story and characters are still open for more wacky adventures, if it ends here, it ends on the right note.